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someone leak this server to me i even offer stuff! if you do

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can someone leak this server? if you guys leak this server i can fix uk liveris will take a while but i will fix them and later on i can fix more liveris if someone wants diffrent ones i can fix later on
contact me on discord Police#4906
Ambulance Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ambulansen_sec/
Dog Unit Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sec_hundenheten/
Fire Department Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sec_raddningstjansten/
i know a lot of people that want these cars and as i said before i can do some custom liveries for them too!
if someone can leak this to me or on launcherleak i have swedish buildings like swedish mrpd, swedish shops, and other swedish scripts! that i can give out i also have some swedish graphic script! with european roads (client sided and server sided)  btw i can change the textures on all buildings if yall want!
EDIT: i will also give out other VIP mods that i have like swedish emergency systems fivem&singleplayer and much more!
EDIT 2: VIP custom sirens aswell 🙂
EDIT3: the emergency system also comes with a bunch of VIP cars!
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13 hours ago, mrdt874 said:

i only got the car pack from 2016


if you want to trade hit me up on discord Police#4906

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