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  1. Addition; Laggos Vests, DOJ Styled Vests, More variation to vests and some belts Aswell as we NEED Search and rescue!!! that would be insane
  2. @Bitch LasagnaDrop it everyone will be happeh
  3. ah sorry man thought it was server files when he marked them as statewide but just included siren packa nd some other useless stuff
  4. Same lmao its just a road pack, siren pack and something else lol
  5. Looking for Redrum's new Interaction Menu! Would be amazing to have it leaked! DESCRIPTION FiveM Interaction Menu (Standalone)
    This right here is a quality leak! More Of This!!
  6. Gooki

    Core MDW

    How in the hell do you use Exports?
  7. Could you include the pdf with instructions to install properly?
    Great Leak! Do you have the pdf with instructions for it?
  8. Ahh MAN! this new update is fucking legendary!!!! Cant wait for the V3! Great Pack #1 EUP Pack
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