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  1. you are dumb because thats literally all you do
  2. i used it without the original files and without the vehiclelayout and it works perfectly fine for me
  3. I will upload it and i will tag you when its uploaded
    Amazing vehicles just got to go through a few extra steps to make them work and not crash
  4. i changed most of the meta files out from different cars and set up the correct info in it and it started to work along with not using the vehiclelayout and handling file that came with it
  5. I am having the same issues with this rescue as the first one that was posted
  6. actually i do code very little but i was not looking at that part but i do see it now
  7. no that is the thing that shows up on your screen
  8. do you know if it works because i am messing with the carcols and carvariations to get the lights to work and it is glitching it out to where if i try to sit in it. it will crash my game
  9. i need to download esx essential only do you have a place
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