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  1. theleakinglore

    Faxstore v2

    @Launcher [email protected] | Staff Teamplease review above ^
  2. theleakinglore

    Faxstore v2

    Wait, I thought LauncherLeaks was about Leaking FiveM content? Not registered business's products???? I mean it's technically against Rockstar ToS to monetize off the game, which is whatever, but this has nothing to do with FiveM? Does this mean we can release user info too? Like how Doxbin exists???
  3. That's not how it works retard
  4. Well actually, I am a well known developer in the community, who does sell my own products. Except none of my products have anything to do with FiveM. I knew that I wouldn't be able to just come in and talk to anyone if I was announced as that developer. Quite honestly, I just wanted to have a chance to speak to someone on the inside of this project, pick your brain a bit if you wouldn't mind? I'd love to continue this on Discord, or we can just stay here, but I wanted to get ahold of one of the owners here, and see what they had to say about my request.
  5. So like, don't get me wrong, I love LauncherLeaks, but how is it that LauncherLeaks strives to leak all of these things for us to use from developers and make them all pay for selling stuff for a free game, and then they turn around and start selling their own stuff? That is mega hypocritical! I mean how can you make your motto be against the same thing your business is doing? I mean, what happens when somebody leaks LauncherLeaks paid assets? Do we just get banned or? I mean they have some quality stuff, but I'm just curious as to just how this works... @Snap | Staff [email protected] [email protected]
  6. #1 Leaks 2021

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