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    We have been looking for this! Great leak! By any chance do you have his SWAT belt that had the pouch and tazer on the left side?
  1. Try GTAmods. If they are not there, then my guess is that they are a private model/no longer available given to Marko's photo team.
  2. Planning on uploading the new update Hanako released?
  3. From my experience with LL store, I have noticed that the items in it are a little bit clogged up. To be honest, at first, I always clicked "Subscriptions" and wondered why the Speed Upgrades aren't there (because usually an account upgrade is found there normally). What I was thinking is that everything could be easily and neatly organized like this: - The Speed Upgrades could be compiled inside the subscriptions tab as a one time payment (From my basic IPS knowledge, it can be done, and after all, they are basically usergroup one time payment upgrades/subscriptions, so it would make som
  4. Implement the IPS friendly URLs for a much more eye appealing and professional forum feeling (it removes the index.php from the links)
  5. If it's not here, I can upload it.
  6. it has already been leaked here.
  7. It has already been uploaded on this website by another user.
  8. Perfect, I am eager to see the MCX leaked!
  9. And also, if I am correct, the MCX and HK416 V2 are his only weapons that aren't leaked yet.

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