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  1. He literally deleted all his free stuff, hence it being posted here
  2. It is the paid non-els version, I've checked. its staying up, whoever posted that was being ignorant...
  3. If you can show me some of your work 

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    2. KillerKiroto_69


      show me some Liveries that u made.

    3. Wilbur I Florida man

      Wilbur I Florida man

      Add me ThatRudeRanger#1497, Then I can send you some images and stuff


    4. KillerKiroto_69


      sent @ThatRudeRanger#1497

  4. Well... I do make liveries for people all the time, I can probably do some for you ThatRudeRangeer#1497 if you want to dm About it
  5. Its just a taurus, the whole pack would be cool but I'm only really focused on the taurus https://www.paulmodifications.com/product-page/liberty-1-taurus
  6. But Why??????????????????????????????????????
  7. Sounds like a carcol conflict. change the carcol ID in the carcols.meta to something random like 97832, and also under sirensettings in carvariations
  8. Oh oops lol, When I made them fivem ready I forgot the templates Ill push an update soon
  9. Version 1.0.0


    Zeakor | 2018 Canam 4 Door Yeah... Nutin' much Enjoy!
  10. Version 1.0.0


    Zeakor | Wildlife pack Yeah... Nutin' much Enjoy!
  11. Yup, and that's why leaking is good. it will discourage greedy devs from charging way to much for not that much content
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