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  1. Version 1.0.0


  2. RyanPaleski

    The MRPD 3.0

    If you all are able to let this person know on the comments that this: is not working from the looks. The reason why I say that is due to there being no props within the pd at all.
  3. Well dickhead, you say to go to him, but you don't provide the leakers a link to his discord. Nor does his shit even provide a discord. ......dickhead.
  4. Well it isn't if the dude that sells the shit is using nopixel interceptors for the video. That's why I'm asking dickhead.
  5. Well you might not want them, but others do.
  6. You able to see if you can get those interceptors from nopixel?
  7. You've got any documentation on making it work? I'm not sure how to set up ace perms, I've got mine as "add_ace identifier.steam:(hexid 64) JobOne.job allow"
  8. @Launcher Leaks Are you sure this is the right standalone? I put it into my server and it doesn't do anything.
  9. You able to try and get the FBI pack, HK416, MCX, Mil Themed M4, and P226?
  10. Any other you got? Need a good amount of weapons that are high tier like this.
  11. Im still surprised this man is still here after posting a zip bomb
  12. You got any handling files for this or nah?
  13. Anyone got documentation on this at all to set it up properly?
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