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  1. Heya! Looking for redrums: ShowID Script : https://www.redrummodifications.com/store/product/6-fivem-show-id-script-standalone/ Seatbelt Checker Script : https://www.redrummodifications.com/store/product/6-fivem-show-id-script-standalone/ Shotspotter Script : https://www.redrummodifications.com/store/product/5-fivem-shot-spotter-script-wpostal/ Notes System : https://www.redrummodifications.com/store/product/28-fivem-notes-system-standalone/
  2. Amazing Suggestion, was thinking the same, we neeeeed this!
  3. Requesting MarkoMods Spiritus Systems Micro Rig Would be wonderful if anyone could leak this! https://www.markomods.com/product/spiritus-systems-micro-rig/
  4. You planning on posting the Glock 19 w/RMR on Markomods website? https://www.markomods.com/product/glock-19-w-rmr/
  5. Heya! I really want Codesigns CarHud but its 30$ wich i dont have atm aswell as its IP Locked, there is a download on the site If anyone figures this out you are a legend, good luck! Download:
  6. How many IPs is it restricted to?
  7. Hey! I am saw the announcement on the eup pack update and thought i could make a topic with some ideas or suggestions for it SGT Franki Game Warden Pack: A Gruppe6 outfit/pack A admin/staff pack would be cool, maybe the vests from: The new SAST pack from JA Designs cobined with current SAST pack? Really would appreciate it with some new vests, maybe MarkoMods newer vests/body armors :D? OhLiamR’s DPS Eup SGT Frankis LCSO pack would be sick too see aswell! Maybe SGT Frankis LSPA pack too?
  8. yeah but i would like to see how the outfits look premade and if its better then mine existing one, i would change
  9. Is the eup-ui ip-locked? mine dosent work according to the clothes, im just getting random outfits not matching
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