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Updated Payment Methods

This announcement is no longer active

Launcher Leaks

Due to some issues with our PayPal account and developer tools for the website, we are unable to process and accept payments through PayPal. We are going to continue taking orders for all products, but you are going to have to use a different form of payment.


We are now accepting payments for all products and services through card VIA Stripe, Venmo, and CashAPP. All services used have been vetted and are secure. 


To use a card, you will put your card information directly into the site. It will process your payment through Stripe and will be securely sent to us. Your card information is not logged by the site and we do not have access to any financial information your provide. It only goes to Stripe for processing and handling.


To use Venmo or CashAPP, you are required to send the money to the provided account. Once the money has been transferred and confirmed, your invoice will be completed by a member of the staff team and you will receive your product(s). This process will take longer, so we suggest using the card as your payment method.


We thank you for your time, dedication, and commitment to our site! We apologise for any inconveniences these new changes have posed on you. We will try to resolve these issues as soon as possible. 



Launcher Leaks Management


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