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  • [PRIME ONLY]Fire Script & Fire H[ToxScripts] By Daddy Google

    • 0 reviews
    • 766
    • 0
    Realistic Fire Script & Fire Hose  - (Paid Resource) This script allows you to have a Dynamic Fire Hose system with many realistic features. Note: This Script Can Be Used As Standalone,ESX, And QBUS, Depending On The Config Settings, If need be you can request a transfer to any other framework after purchase on our discord. IMPORTANT: This Script Contains Our Own Custom Made Fire Script Which We Listed Its Features Below, You Can Still Use Other Fire Scripts But We Recommen
  • NorthernScot Customs | Valor Pack - Hardtops & Slicktops [14 Vehicles] By crucifyme

    • 0 reviews
    • 1729
    • 6
    NorthernScot Customs Valor Pack - Hardtops & Slicktops If you need help with the install, feel free to DM me on the site for my Discord or reply in the comments below and I'll do my best to get back to you in a timely manner.  Purchased and leaked by yours truly, if you find any cool EUP assets, vehicles (or vehicle packs) or MLOS for sale, shoot them my way in DMs and I'll get them purchased/posted. It's time to build back the OpenSource community that FiveM was intended to be. Featu
  • Full Fleet w/ Models - JA Designs By Shoreline Solutions

    Welcome to the San Andreas Fire Rescue Livery Pack. This pack is an outstanding livery pack which has flew off the shelves for months with rapid growth and updates. A completely unique design and detailed allowing your roleplay server to drive around in style to their firefighting needs. Features: 32 Supported Models with over 50 different textures 4K Liveries Reflective Chevrons Each Command car has a Medic Livery also Unique Liveries High Quality and no clipping contents
  • Ripple's 2021 Legacy Pack By HawkTV | Site Moderator

    Been needing to get something out for ya'll so merry fuckin late Christmas Credit:  HawkGaming#4975 Preview:  Vehicles Included: -4 SUVs -6 Sedans -2 Pickup Trucks Options Included: -Full Lighting Template -Functional Cruise Lights -All Blue Version (Red and Blue by Default) Extras: 1: Lightbar, 2: Visor Lights, 3: Dash light, 4: Cruise Lights 5: Rambar, 6: Wrap Around, 7,8: Spotlights, 9: Grill Lights, 10,11: Antennas 12: ALP
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