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Pennsylvania Lore Friendly Pack

This pack is a mega pack that includes uniforms and vehicles for 10+ Departments!



Bad Blood and Moonshine Recruiting for all Crims, civs, pd, ems semi serious begginer friendly

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Bad Blood and Moonshine is a fairly new city looking to make a home for people
server has been being developed for a year and ready for people to give it a try
we are currently looking for all walks of life experienced or new pd that are active,
EMS, Fire is ready to go in if we can get a good crew going , need Crims and regualar
everyday civs that do want to do either here is what we can offer in all those fields

--We have multiple police cars that both standard and UC as you rank up
--We are using the R-14 Evidence Script so a indepth forensic system with
  a forensic unit in the works
--we have a K9 unit
--police are paid very well in the city aslong as they are on and active
--lots of police tools for RP such as Snake Cam, Body Cam overlay for streamers
  police shields, bean bag shotgun, and Tazer with barb reactivation

--New Ambulance and stretcher script people are not revived on site they are
  Transported and revived at the hospital to enhance RP and Med Flight is available aswell
--Functional EMS bag you can carry in inventory or in hand and set down it has all
  the supplies in it to do the job that you need
--Hospital check-in is disabled after 2 or more ems are on it will send alert if someone
  is needing assistance at the hospital

--Running two hospitals pillbox and paleto with a teleport for ems between the two but out of sight
  as to not ruin the RP for the patient

--Lots of Ownable businesses such as Vanilla Unicord, Bahama Mama's, whitewidow, Crypto mining, Casino, etc...
    -1 week active in server
    -min 6 hours a week it has to be open

--running gang scripts for those that want in on a gang or to start one once requirements are met
    -1 week active in server
    -min 3 memebers

--lots of civ stuff to do such as Mining, Hunting, Crypto Mining, Paintball, scuba diving, skydiving, minigolf

-- Crim stuff such as Bank robberies, store robberies, jewlery hiests, house robberies,
   Smash and Grab(stealing from parked cars), npc robbery/hostage taking, etc...

This is not a Pay to win server i dont charge for anything its a donate if you want
to show support but never required

come give it a try never know you may just find a new home with us



2023-04-07 16_08_06-FiveM® by Cfx.re - Bad Blood and Moonshine - FiveM Chapter - Copy - Copy.jpg

2023-04-07 16_13_44-FiveM® by Cfx.re - Bad Blood and Moonshine - FiveM Chapter - Copy - Copy.jpg

2023-04-07 16_19_10-FiveM® by Cfx.re - Bad Blood and Moonshine - FiveM Chapter - Copy - Copy.jpg

2023-04-07 16_33_45-FiveM® by Cfx.re - Bad Blood and Moonshine - FiveM Chapter.jpg

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