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Selling nopixel 3.5 server:cool


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Check out my discord for more information " https://discord.gg/ecPNZFBTKA "

Some info

Nopixel 3.0 phone -bussnies management app folly working -Informationapp fully working with licenses and casino money, cash, bank, number etc -Twitter app exacly like nopixel, Images fully working -Yellow pages app -Messages app fully working with images like nopixel -Contacts app fully working -Job app with group jobs fully working. Exacly like nopixel 3.0 -Nopixel 3.0 notifications fully working, Accept payments via notify and much more -Crypto app fully working -Garages app fully working -Mail app fully working with jobs and missions -Pinger app fully working + anon ping if you have VPN -Call app like 3.0 -And more as you see in the video -Change background via the HUD menu, You can also change frame on the phone like IOS and Android Nopixel 3.5 inventory -weapon on back fully working + the new weapons and the black AK47 -Super smoth UI -Fully working items like chairs and much more. Like in nopixel -The entire inventory is exacly like nopixel 3.5. It includes crafting for jobs and other stuff to -You can see more in the video Nopixel 3.0 Criminal stuff -The server have VR heist and much more. Storerobberys and fleccas + more -Carboosting with GNE and market -Nopixel weed, Grow your own weed and harvest it -Houserobbery with nopixel mail system on the phone + props like art and Big TV -Moneywash -Oxyruns -Weaponcraft -Methbench ( place a bench where you want and craft with it ) -And more stuff


Other Nopixel 3.0 Stuff -Nopixel 3.0 MDW -Fully working policejob with optimiced F1 menu for the job ( exacly like nopixel 3.0 with all functions) -All nopixel 3.0 city jobs on the phone + working tith group up and work in groups -Nikez Nopixel 3.0 car radio with assets songs -Nopixel 3.0 HUd with HUD settings and much more -Nopixel 3.0 car showroom working fully -Nopixel PDM working with job account and good UI -Nopixel 3.0 banking, working bussnies accounts with transfer history -Trays and other stuff for UWU caffe and burgershot + more -Nopixel 3.0 spawnmenu and character system -Nopixel 3.0 admin menu fully working -Nopixel racing ( not on the phone but on a ipad, Works the same as nopixel ) -Nopixel bennys -Nopixel 3.0 apartment, Fully working with unlock apartmeny -Nopixel buffs fully working -New clothing menu -Nopixel 3.0 dispatch fully working -Driving instructor -3.0 doors -3.0 target fully working exacly like nopixel 3.5 -3.0 scenes -3.0 radio -There is much more scripts that includes and are fully working, I just cant write down every single script here. But all scripts on nopixel are included Assets -Nopixel 3.5 peds -3.5 cars -3.5 New clothes -Every MLO on the server

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