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TLSRP Is my take on a combo of Fivepd and vMenu RP servers. We give the option to be completely creative with the way you RP. We have scripts to enhance RP scenarios for civs and emergency services alike. And several different Departments for you to try and join! We are still Trying to grow our numbers and would like to see you give us a shot. So what can you Expect...?



LSCSO: The Los Santos County Sheriff's Office is the open to the public department. This is the place to show your skills to the departments you may want to join.

SAST: The San Andreas State Troopers are the state wide officers for the server. Currently running the air division, or Air One, and Having whole map jurisdiction. Many other Sub-divisions planned in the future.

LSPD: The Los Santos Police Department are your city cops Obviously. Currently holding SWAT and a moto (motorcycle) sub-division.

BCSO: Currently Closed to to numbers

SAFR: San Andreas Fire And Rescue. The fire and EMS For the server. With randomly generated fires to fight and the ability to revive npcs you can guaranty that your pager will be going off a lot. Tons of fire tools and a large fleet of fire vehicles.

Dispatch: For those looking to take a relaxed approach to things and just want to send people to calls and answer 911 calls.

Civ: The Civ Department is literally just for civ activities. Tons of cars and things to do to give the emergency services some fun and unique things to do.


TLSRP is always expanding and looking for exciting new things to add for people to do. We take suggestions from the people who play on our server and hope to make and all around fun community for people to play in. So if this sounds like a good fit for you feel free to look us up in game or join our discord!

Discord: https://discord.gg/neFAFFaarp


Screenshots Provided by community members.








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