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State of Lakestone Fivepd

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State Of Lakestone Roleplay Community




    About Our Community


We Are a 18+ Age Community you can call Home, we are a public community, Once we grow its going to be a Whitelisted Server, we will take fivepd off once we got a player base going Experienced players will get hired in as high ranking We are also looking for staff members, we also got ESX and vmenu , we are going to be hosting events every weekend , we need mc’s In server and owner of the icebox and cookies

    Departments We Offer


➼ Los Santos Police Department ➼ Blaine County Sheriff's Office ➼ San Andreas State Police ➼ Fire and Rescue ➼ Civilian ➼ Gangs Dm Bebo To create your gang ➼ Icebox Employee ➼ Cookies Employee ➼ Burershot Employee




➼ SRU ➼ Speed enforcement ➼ CID ➼ Gang Task Force ➼ Narcotics Unit ➼ K9 ➼ Air One


Join our Discord: https://discord.gg/GhjnNG7WD3

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