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Introducing Server Recruitment Advertisements...

LauncherLeaks.com is now allowing users Turbo, Supercharged, Unlimited and Prime can create and make advertisements to promote their FiveM Servers.


Rules for posting Advertisements...

Posting servers ads is a great way to promote your server however to successfully get members you need to follow some guidelines for the post.

  1. You must include a sufficient amount details and info on the your server like departments and server content.
  2. You can only recruit members to a Discord server and you may not post links to server websites like forums etc. 
  3. You must include 2 or more images of your server either logos or in-game screenshots.


Promotions and Paid Advertising...

Launcher Leaks will provide topic pinning and featuring to the top of the forums if you pay you can work details our by creating a support ticket or messaging me on our website @ Launcher Leaks


How your server will look at the top of the page in front of everyone else's posts:


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