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Pennsylvania Lore Friendly Pack

This pack is a mega pack that includes uniforms and vehicles for 10+ Departments!



[ESX][QB-Core] Jobs Creator 4.0 (FiveM script) | FULL DECRYPTED 4.0

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About This File



Languages (easily translatable)

  • English
  • Italian / Italiano
  • German / Deutsch
  • Greek / Ελληνικά
  • Bosnian / Bosanski
  • Portuguese / Português
  • Spanish / Español
  • French / Français
  • Slovak / Slovenčina
  • Danish / Dansk
  • Czech / Česky
  • Polish / Polski


  • Creating new jobs easily.
  • Deleting job easily.
  • Renaming a job (both label and id).
  • Creating new ranks easily.
  • Whitelisting a job.
  • Allowing job to handcuff players.
  • Allowing job to bill players.
  • Allowing job to rob/search players.
  • Allowing job to lockpick vehicles.
  • Allowing job to clean vehicles.
  • Allowing job to repair vehicles.
  • Allowing job to impound vehicles.
  • Allowing job to check the identity of a player (jsfour-idcard integration included).
  • Allowing job to check owner of a vehicle.
  • Allowing job to check/give/remove driving license of a player (jsfour-idcard integration included)
  • Allowing job to check/give/remove weapon license of a player (jsfour-idcard integration included)
  • Allowing job to heal players
  • Allowing job to revive players
  • Deleting a job will automatically make all players who had that job unemployed
  • Editing job ID will update players job too


  • Create new ranks for jobs easily.
  • Editing existing rank easily.
  • Deleting existing rank easily.

Markers (interaction points)

  • Create new markers for a job easily.
  • Renaming a marker with the name you prefer.
  • Delete an existing marker easily
  • Set marker coordinates easily with a “current coords” button.
  • Only players with at least the minimum grade specified in the marker settings will see it.
  • You can define specific grades to be able to access one marker, so for example it can be also set to be used only by grades 1, 4, 6.
  • You can have infinite markers.
  • Markers can have a colored marker or 3D text (editable in settings)
  • Markers can have a blip in the map you decide
  • Marker blip sprite, color and scale can be edited
  • There are public markers too, that allows all the players to interact with the marker
  • You can easily add a NPC in the marker position
  • You can easily add an object in the marker position
  • Markers that requires you to input an item (example the shop), will allow you to easily find the item from a list generated from your server items

Current markers types

  • Stash - Players can deposit and take items in the stash.
  • Armory - Players can deposit and take their weapons in the armory, saving weapon’s bullets, skin and components.
  • Safe - Players can deposit their money/black money here, or any account you want
  • Garage (Temporary vehicles) - Players will be able to get a temporary vehicle from this garage, that means the vehicle upgrades won’t be saved, and the vehicle will be free. (Example: work vehicle)
  • Garage (Buyable vehicles) - Players will be able to buy a vehicle (vehicles prices and model can be edited in marker setting). When players deposits the vehicle, all upgrades will be saved.
  • Garage (Owned vehicles) - Players will be able to retrieve vehicles from owned_vehicles table, so their personal vehicles
  • Boss - The boss marker will allow the boss to: wash money, withdraw society money, deposit money in society, manage employees and manage wages. All options can be enabled/disabled in marker settings. You can define washed money return percentage and if money will go in society account
  • Wardrobe - Wardrobe will allow player to use a outfit saved before.
  • Job Outfit - Players will be able to choose an outfit you defined in the marker settings. (Example: work outfit)
  • Shop - Players will be able to buy items you can define in the marker settings. Item id and price are editable on your needs.
  • Crafting table - Players will be able to craft items you defined in marker settings
  • Teleport point - Players will be able to fast travel between 2 teleport markers (vehicles can be teleported too)
  • Market - Players will be able to sell items that administrators will choose in settings, receiving money or dirty money
  • Harvest - Players will be able to harvest item you decide (they can process items in crafting table marker or in process marker). You can define multiple items with different probabilities, to create for example rare items to harvest and common items to harvest. Also you can define if the marker requires a tool (example a pickaxe) and to decide the probability to lose the tool. You can also define a disappear time after harvesting once (example: in case you want the marker to be used once every 60 seconds)
  • Process - This markers allows you to process a player’s item and give to the player the processed item
  • Weapon Upgrader - Players will be able to upgrade their weapons with components (suppressor, magazines, etc.) and to choose their weapon skin
  • Duty - Players will be able to go off duty, hiding all markers
  • Job Shop - This public marker will allow admins to decide which job owns the shop, allowing job members to sell items and everyone else to buy them

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Ciro Pavic

   2 of 2 members found this review helpful 2 / 2 members

I downloaded the required QBcore but it doesn't exist It's just ESX

Link to review

   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

False Version as Described.


Link to review

   6 of 7 members found this review helpful 6 / 7 members

Why is in the Title [QB-Core] but the File is only for ESX?????


do you have the QB File?

Link to review


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