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Pennsylvania Lore Friendly Pack

This pack is a mega pack that includes uniforms and vehicles for 10+ Departments!



Jim Mechanic By GamingLyon#0440 1.8

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About This File

What is this?
QBCore based Mechanic Job script
It’s aim is to be an RP based replacement for the standard “Sit in car, press button, car fixed” options that are already available.
A lot of the menu’s I’ve seen make a new system for each part that requires databases (sql scares me)
So I built one as natively as I could that uses the systems already available


  • Supports all newest DLC Wheel Rims

  • Supports Import Vehicles if they are in your shared.lua

  • I built this to be as plug and play as possible, it doesn’t require any third party scripts, BUT
    it was built in the latest qb-core versions.

  • All menus use the built-in qb-menu and are dynamic, for example, if the chosen cosmetic option isn’t available for your vehicle it will either hide the menu option or not show the menu (so its not showing blank menus). This includes the different options between bikes and cars.

30 New Items

  • Toolbox - The main big one, it allows removal of performance items from vehicles, and lets you see what cosmetics are possible. Default setting requires mechanic job.
  • Mechanic Tools - These are used for repairs, default locked to mechanic job and item requirements can be toggled off.
  • Support for the qb-mechanicjob extra repair items, Radiator, Brakes, Fuel Tank

Performance Items:

  • Engine options
    • Shonen Engine equates to a level 3 upgrade
    • V8 Engine equates to a level 4 upgrade
  • Suspension options - Street Level and Racing Level items
  • Racing Brakes - Fully upgraded brakes item
  • Racing Transmission - Fully upgraded transmission item
  • Vehicle Armour - Armour is linked to an item
  • Turbo - Linked to its own item
  • NOS - Installable outside the vehicle, requires turbo to be installed

Cosmetics items:

  • Bumpers - Grille, Front Bumper and Back Bumper options
  • Exhaust - All Exhaust options
  • Headlights - Adds Xenon Lights to your vehicles
  • Underglow Controls - Underglow lights fine tuning, Xenon + Underglow Color controls
  • Hood - All Hood Options
  • Horn - All Horn Options
  • Livery - All Livery Options
  • Plates - Custom Plates, Vanity Plates and Plate holder options
  • Rims - All wheel rim options, organised alphabetical for each wheel variation.
  • Drift Smoke Tires - Add’s tire smoke to wheels
  • Roof - All Roof Options
  • Seats - All interior Seating options
  • Skirts - Skirt and fender options
  • Spoilers - All Spoiler options
  • Window Tint Supplies - Add window tint to any that support it
  • Repray - Advanced respray, controls over Primary, Secondary, Pearlescent and Wheel Colours
  • “Internals” - All the internal options I couldn’t really add to their own items
  • “Externals” - All the external options I couldn’t really add to their own items




I even threw in a couple extra features

  • /togglesound on/off - If you have upgraded engines this, when enabled will change the sound of your vehicle for you and others around you.
  • /checkmods - For anyone to use it pulls up the available cosmetics list for anyone to view
  • /flipvehicle - Does what it says on the can, a simple flip command
  • /seat 1-15 - This moves the player to the designated seat if its empty/availabe, this can’t be used while travelling at high speeds.
  • /checkdamage - For a quick way for non mechanics to check damage to their vehicles (added because of the added repairable parts)

What you do with these items is up to you and your server! They can be obtainable by crafting, only available for mechanics, or purchasable from shops. It’s for you to decide.


  • qb-menu - For the menus
  • qb-garages - To check if cars are owned
  • qb-customs - To save the mods and such
  • qb-mechanicjob - To get the status of and fix the extra parts (Fuel Tank, Drive Shaft, Brake etc…)

Preview Videos:

Mechanic Tools (Repairs) 
Performance Parts 
Lighting Controls 
Hood & Roof 
Bumper, Skirts, Exhaust, Seats, Spoilers 
Internal + Externa
Paint, Livery, Tire Smoke 
Item Transferal 
Non-mechanic damage checking 
DuctTape item for DIY repair

Edited by Lyom
Just making it nice to look


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it doesnt work because its cfx locked 

  • Sad 2
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· Edited by DjDANNY


this does work just outdated .. items dont get removed from inventory due to trigger events  easy fix just a long hard winded one as you have to replace the whole item trigger events  for removal 

you need to replace this 

jim - mechanics > server > main

RegisterNetEvent('jim-mechanic:server:removeBrakes', function(level, current)
    local Player = QBCore.Functions.GetPlayer(source)
	if level ~= nil then
		Player.Functions.RemoveItem("brakes"..level+1, 1)
		TriggerClientEvent('inventory:client:ItemBox', source, QBCore.Shared.Items["brakes"..level+1], "remove", 1)

with this 

RegisterNetEvent('jim-mechanic:server:removeBrakes', function()
    local src = source
    local Player = QBCore.Functions.GetPlayer(src)
    if not Player then return end
    Player.Functions.RemoveItem('brakes', 1)
    TriggerClientEvent('inventory:client:ItemBox', src, QBCore.Shared.Items["brakes"], "remove")

but there more then one 

then some where in the client you need to add this 



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