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Gta V Remake March [] PAID VERSION [] 1.0.0

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15 Screenshots

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      QuantV 3.0 for Singleplayer

      PAID Product - https://www.patreon.com/QuantV
    • By RespawnTV
      Normally available on his patreon for $5, I bought this months ago so it's not really the latest beta. Still looks amazing though.😍

      It's a shader for Reshade that adds Ray Tracing to GTA. The screenshots are from my actual game.

      The best weather and time for visuals is 00:00 during rain or thunderstorms.
      Make sure to have Reshade installed first as this is a Plugin for it.
    • By xvxCv cvvvvxCvc
      This is the FiveM version of QuantV 3.0.0. It's a simple install, all you have to do is go to your FiveM application data, and add the RPF files to the "addons" folder. If you dont have an addons folder you can just create one and then add the files into there. 
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      Hello everyone this is my second ever post please do not repost or leach. This was leaked by Sandy Shores County Roleplays Owner aka Jack who is me :). This Ymap will include things like garages jail cells offices and more. That is all I can think of but you can look at the photos to see. EVERYTHING in the photos come with the Ymap. If you need help join my discord for support or just add it | Jack#3739. <-------- That is my discord add for support thanks please DO NOT LEACH OR YOU WILL BE BANNED
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      This is Launcher Leaks' very own Graphics Pack! We are inspired by the QuantV Graphics and effects, but we have finially made our own and would like you to use it!
      It come with a complete timecycle made from scratch and .asi script to control in-game graphic effects. It also comes with a trainer too! We hope you enjoy our graphics pack. Please make sure to check out other cool mods on our site!
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      ENBSeries v0.443 for GTA 5 PATREON EARLY ACCESS.
      Added water displacement for missing shader, added displacement amount parameter for water.
      Changed wetness parameter to be time of the day dependent. Added emergency light intensity
      parameter to control firetruck, ambulance and police vehicles.
      Version 0.438:
      Added test of tesselation for ocean water. Fixed crash when changing display mode
      and skylighting is enabled.
      Version 0.432:
      Added sand of ocean shore wetness depending on waves. Added foam shift at collisions
      with vehicles and spread of wetness on sand. Added foam shader with multilayer bubbles,
      foam shadows, parallax and caustics. Added FixDecalsBias parameter to reduce z-fighting
      for tires and feet decals which looks wrong at the shore (other decals not modified yet).
      Added wetness properties for rain reflection.
      Version 0.429:
      Added detailed shadows and normal mapping shadows effects. Added compatibility of rain
      reflections with VisualV mod.
      Version 0.425:
      Decreased loading times of presets. Added HighResolutionScaling parameter to enblocal.ini
      for increasing size of editor if using very high resolutions.
    • Guest
      By Guest
      This is the brand new Rib Sosay ESX v2.8 with trew hud ui finally!
      ESX v2.8
      Balla mlo removed
      New custom gang mlo added
      gold process fixed 
      miner job gold changed to platinum
      nativeui reloaded added ( helps menu lag )
      whitelist updated
      fishing job checked
      drug price changes 
      weed process moved
      slots added in arcade
      burglaries and houserobberies have had ammendments
      Pawn dealer buys a lot more
      New gopostal and bus driver job
      addon bikes added
      205gti added
      205 trailer
      volvo850r added
      impound price 3k to 1.5k
      Cannabis field moved
      Cannabis processing moved
      Coke processing moved
      Old mission row readded
      changed weed plant location 
      weed plant limit 30
      added santapod start ped
      Added santapod raceway
      Added Ribusa raceway
      -trewhud start
      trew hud changes
      removed speedo resource
      removed seatbelt resource
      removed togglehud ( now toggleui )
      removed es_ui
      removed esx status ui
      es extended hud set false
      trewhud ui +
      cruise ( caps )
      belt ( b )
      indicators ( arrow keys ) 
      -trewhud end
      new mecano repair animation 

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