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Pennsylvania Lore Friendly Pack

This pack is a mega pack that includes uniforms and vehicles for 10+ Departments!



Custom DOJRP Based EUP Pack 1.0.0

45.00 USD

   (17 reviews)

Message added by Robert Dickle,

This is not the Custom EUP v3 update, this is different. This pack is a DOJRP based EUP Pack that I have been working on. The v3 update is still being worked on and will be released soon for purchase.

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About This File

DoJ style servers just got the EUP they NEED!

Preview: https://streamable.com/2fq1c9

Test Server: https://cfx.re/join/35lbzo



Our EUP has so many departments, vests, accessories and more that makes this the #1 choice for an eup pack.


This Pack Contains:

  • 8 Police Departments (LSPD, Paleto Bay, Del Pero, Vinewood + more)
  • 2 State Departments (DPS and SAHP)
  • 4 County Departments (LCSO, BCSO, WLR (Wild life), Corrections + more)
  • Full Swat including On and Off deployment uniforms
  • Medical and Fire outfits including turnouts, station wear, hazmat, fire marshal + more!


Civilian Agencies:

  • Gruppe 6
  • SA DOT
  • Postal Services PostOP and Go Postal
  • 24/7 and LTD
  • Burgershot
  • Weazel News


Includes a fully custom EUP menu that allows you to disable and enable vests, belts, holsters, hats, glasses, radio equipment, backpacks, gloves, chevrons, services stripes and anything else you can think of at ease!


We use a license key system for whitelisting the eup menu.

What's New in Version 1.0.0   See changelog


fixed the ui

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User Feedback

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Conner Chase

   3 of 3 members found this review helpful 3 / 3 members

Awesome EUP! easy installl

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   2 of 2 members found this review helpful 2 / 2 members

Best EUP but you're missing the CID & Gang Unit vests.

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   2 of 2 members found this review helpful 2 / 2 members

This is amazing I recommend ngl with all DOJ cars this looks sexy

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   8 of 9 members found this review helpful 8 / 9 members

SHORT Tutorial/ review 

The EUP Is probably has the most detailed eup menu in fivem, every thing a bout it is great, it did take a few days from purchase to be able to download it so be patient. Also people are confused on why you cant get the menu to work, go into DOJ_UI then keys.lua then place your license key in the middle of this "" you can get your license key by going to "store" then under store "manage purchases" then click manage next to the purchase then you will see "License key: (asdfjsdjfaksldjfakslj)" it will look like that. paste that into keys.lua then restart your server. when you get in game and the menu still doesn't work restart the DOJ_Stream and DOJ_UI keep restarting the stream then the UI. In-between each restart see if /eup works. Make sure you have a license key to even have the eup in the first place. you can buy a key and pay monthly here 
make sure you have the 19.50 per month, that is the one that lets you stream custom clothing

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Aaron G,

   7 of 8 members found this review helpful 7 / 8 members

Must buy, very detailed, very worth the money. If it was listed for $100 I would still buy it!!

Response from the author:

Appreciate the support!

  • Happy 1
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crucifyme l Site Mod

   11 of 13 members found this review helpful 11 / 13 members

10/10 must buy - you guys are awesome!

Response from the author:


  • Nice 3
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Yourmom | Retired Staff

   13 of 16 members found this review helpful 13 / 16 members

I will not lie I thought this was a joke but when I bought it I was shocked it is so hot and looks so good I will forever love launcher leaks.

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   4 of 5 members found this review helpful 4 / 5 members

These guys are awesome, this EUP is the best I have had and seen. The customer service was super helpful and they do some incredible work, I cant wait to see what else comes along for the Roleplay scene

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   3 of 4 members found this review helpful 3 / 4 members

Great eup, but still unable to find what license key to use to set up the eup menu.


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Matthew Macphee

   6 of 9 members found this review helpful 6 / 9 members

10/10 pack everything you could ask for plus more!


Response from the author:

Thank You!

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   4 of 6 members found this review helpful 4 / 6 members

10/10 Must buy they responded fast and it works perfect


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   2 of 3 members found this review helpful 2 / 3 members

EUP Menu works perfect!!! If it actually starts in the server, i have issues with the ui starting 24/7, after stopping it and restarting it a few times it eventually works, im asking if you guys could either put the non encrypted file in or fix the encrypted one, btw no need to use 2048 encrypting LMAO

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   6 of 10 members found this review helpful 6 / 10 members

Must Buy Very Detailed eup

Response from the author:

Thank you!!! 😛

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   2 of 4 members found this review helpful 2 / 4 members

Definitely a 10/10 EUP pack! Absolutely love this EUP, definitely the best option out there and I'd recommend it to anyone looking for a good paid EUP pack!

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Bobby Martin

   4 of 9 members found this review helpful 4 / 9 members

Dont get me wrong the EUP is cool, BUT the menu brakes every time you restart your server to the point you need to reinstall it every time u want to use it. 6/10

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   3 of 8 members found this review helpful 3 / 8 members

you state the io is fixed but i get errors saying it does not work i feel like i wasted $45 for this i put in my license for it still does not work


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