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Spartan AntiCheat 1.0.0

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About This File

Made in Greece with love (and gyros)
Spartan is a cross-version Minecraft advanced anticheat plugin I have been working for a long time. For people that want to know the project was finished after 6 months of development. Spartan provides detections and a few exploit and server bug fixes. As a plugin, it is very lightweight and works very efficiently due to its sensitive obfuscation and caching systems.

DISCLAIMER: Please note that Spartan has multiple configurations that let you to adjust how the plugin performs. For that reason, any bypasses and videos that are not made on my test server can be manipulated in order to promote a person or client.

WARNING! Please read carefully the overview page before making a purchase. Any mistakes will not result in a refund or further support.

Server: spartan.vagdedes.me
Support: http://vagdedes.me/spartan
Discord: https://discord.gg/TTrqRkM

YouTube Video:

Hack Detections:

This is a short list of Spartan's features. More or the same with further information can be found in below sections of this page.

Notification System - Spartan has 2 types of notifications named Verbose and Mining. Verbose depends on hack detections and it can be adjusted with a divisor to prevent chat spam. The mining depends on a player gaining items by ores like diamond, iron, redstone, e.t.c.

Automated detections - Spartan's detections are automated. That means that you will never need to call, set a point or give them a command. They are always there stopping your hackers by following your own configuration and punishments.

Lightweight/Optimized - Spartan is an extremely optimized anticheat. It has a sensitive obfuscation language, caching system, object handling and highly lightweight and recently updated Java codes.

Inventory GUI - Of course, nothing can be done easier than a GUI. Spartan provides a variety of inventory menus in case you want to see or change something extremely fast without looking at the map or configuration.

Punishment System - Time to take things more seriously. Of course, I wasn't going to forget that every server needs a custom punishment system. For this reason, I created a custom ban and kick system that will not only allow you to ban players but also see their punisher or even the whole ban list.

Fully configurable - Spartan is a fully configurable anticheat. That means that every single message, option, detection or punishment is fully configurable and controlled by you.

Size - Even though Spartan is a heavy duty anticheat, it is relatively small in size. Its sensitive obfuscation even makes it smaller than its original size.

Premium Support - One of the best things about me and this project is its premium support. I have an average time of 2 hours and a max time of 48 hours. You will love getting satisfied.

Chat protection - This is not really a part of an anticheat but I like to make things cooler. Spartan has an advanced chat protection that will allow you to block words, commands and put a cooldown for both of them. No more spam or insulting people.

Cross-version Compatibility - Yes, you heard it. Spartan is cross-version compatible by supporting the lovely outdated 1.7 PvP versions up to the latest 1.12 versions. I don't think you need something more.

Exploit/Bug Protection - A lot of people don't know it but an anticheat's top priority is to not only protect your server from hackers but from exploits and the old lovely bugs that stay there with the old versions. For that reason, I tried my best to provide a bug and exploit protection so your server will never get in deep trouble.

Dependency Free - They said, "You can't make a great anticheat without packets". Well, here it is. Spartan won't require you to download any dependencies like ProtocolLib or any other, it works on its own.

MySQL Support - Databases are one of the most used systems in our days and that is why it's also here. Spartan supports a logging system with MySQL database so networks can easily check their data without looking in every single server Spartan runs.

Punishment Waves - Spartan allows you to use a wave system in case you want to punish massive amounts of players. It doesn't work with bans but instead, it allows you to add a certain command for each player added to the list.

Staff Chat - You will find that more useful than most things this anticheat can do. It is a chat feature which allows you to contact with others players that have the permission spartan.staff_chat by just starting your message with one or more configurable characters. @ by default.

Lag Protection - Spartan has two lag protections. One is for the TPS and the other for the player latency. The TPS is enabled by default but the latency one is a bit different. To use that protection you will need to have installed ProtocolLib which will help the plugin determine if a player is spoofing their ping. Use the version 3.7.0 for 1.7 servers or 4.2.0 for newer ones.

Compatibility Information:

Spartan's configuration lets you change the punishments, messages, detections, basic settings, block words/commands, set cooldowns and keep logs. You can put multiple commands on a violation and Spartan will execute them one by one. In the end, dispatch the command /spartan reload after any change in the configuration.

/spartan menu - Opens the main gui menu.
/spartan reload - Reloads spartan's configuration.
/spartan notifications <verbose/mining> - Toggles a notification system.
/spartan info [player] - Opens a gui menu with a player's violations info.
/spartan ping [player] - Sends a message with a player's ping.
/spartan kick <player> <reason> - Kicks a player and broadcasts a message.
/spartan toggle <check> - Toggles a certain check.
/spartan warn <player> <reason> - Warns a player by sending them a message.
/spartan bypass <player> <check> <seconds> - Allows a player to bypass a check for a certain amount of time.
/spartan ban <player> <reason> - Bans a player.
/spartan unban <player> - Unbans a player.
/spartan ban-info <player> - Sends ban information about a player.
/spartan ban-list - Sends a message with all the Spartan banned players.
/spartan wave - Allows you to interact with the wave punishment system.


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